OCR ~ Optical Character Recognition & API Introduction

Optical Character Recognition @ Optical Character Reader which abbreviate as OCR is a technology that applying in printed or written text delivered in an image format to be converted or extract the contained text.

What is OCR

The application of OCR is not limited for only character recognition, it can be a middle man whom process the input and trigger next action from the results after the virtual decision making. It is useful when you are an educator or student and frequently obtain information from books that need to be extract and compile into assignments. OCR also provide business solutions in banking for example reading of the cheque, PDF parsing, LaTex parsing and etc.


API had been widely applied in the modern development trends. The API allows heavy processing at server-side and return results or data with authenticated inputs from user side. API makes development easier by integrating all building blocks from one end to the other end. API usually is a gateway which allow information to be parse and output data in JSON, XML, CSV, plain text and etc. formats.


The integration of the existing OCR functions with API is to provide an easy way of parsing images and PDF documents to proceed text extractions returned in a JSON format via any nodes over the internet. OCR.Space provide the realtime API for developer for different usage based on different tier, the limitations are input file size, monthly requests, rate limits, page limits and etc. The API provider usually offer a light version of processing for developers for free. Alternatively, if want to integrate the whole functions fully, it charges for maintenance fees and usage tiers.

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OCR ~ Optical Character Recognition & API Introduction


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