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Prevent security breaches starts with exploits detection and build up protection before you connect.

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Digital controller had been applied widely in this era. It playing maih role in IoT handling sensors and actuators with programmable decision making as well as Artificial Intelligence.





Here I will Guide how to Print Web To PDF using FREE Resources.

There are 2 things needed to be installed.
1. nodejs , seek for "Installation Steps" and follow everything.
2. puppeteer, first you need to open "Command Prompt" then type

mkdir puppeteer
cd puppeteer
npm install puppeteer

3. Restart ur PC.

4. copy paste the following code and paste it in a notepad then save it as "nit.js" in the puppeteer folder that you have created.

const puppeteer = require('puppeteer');  //library of the core
(async () => {
console.log("1/4 opening browser");
 const browser = await puppeteer.launch({ headless: true });  
console.log("2/4 opening page");
  const page = await browser.newPage();
await page.goto(``, {waitUntil: 'load',timeout: 0});
console.log("3/4 printing page");
  await page.pdf({path: 'hn.pdf', format: 'A4'});
  await browser.close();
console.log("4/4 completed");

5. Open your command prompt and enter the following. 

cd puppeteer
node nit.js

Bulk Solution.

1. Copy paste the following to a notepad and save it as "test.csv" in the puppeteer folder.,,

2. copy paste the following code and paste it in a notepad then save it as "nit.js" in the puppeteer folder that you have created.

const puppeteer = require('puppeteer');  //library of the core
const fs = require('fs'); // library of file read 

// read from csv file and convert to data
var data = fs.readFileSync('test.csv')
    .toString() // convert Buffer to string
    .split('\n') // split string to lines
    .map(e => e.trim()) // remove white spaces for each line
    .map(e => e.split(',').map(e => e.trim())); // split each line to array

var arr=data[0]; 


async function printpdf(arr) {
for (let i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {

        const url = arr[i];
try {
console.log("1/4 opening browser");
const browser = await puppeteer.launch({ headless: true });
console.log("2/4 opening page");
const page = await browser.newPage();
await page.goto(`${url}`, {waitUntil: 'load',timeout: 0});
console.log("3/4 printing "+i+" out of "+ (arr.length-1));
const pdf = await page.pdf({path: i+'.pdf', format: 'A4' });
await browser.close();
console.log("4/4 closing page");
} catch(err) {


5. Open your command prompt and enter the following then pdf will be generated in the same folder.

cd puppeteer
node nit.js

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Simulation of Electronics ~ THINKERCAD

The IR 4.0 promote IoT to the next mandatory level where the deployed nodes are usually consist of sensors and a controller. So, how do we deploy a working controller with sensors and getting live data from it?

All we need to begin is the controller setup, in this tutorial, we will be using Arduino. Sometimes, it is difficult for those without practical experience and start using it with imaginations. So, we will introduce a simulation tool ~ THINKERCAD which you just need a web browser.

" Tinkercad is a free online collection of software tools that help people all over the world think, create and make. We’re the ideal introduction to Autodesk, the leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. " --- THINKERCAD

Create QRcode in 1 minute

Previously we have shown how malicious can QR code be. Now let's see how easily a QR code can be created by using our editor made platform.

First of all, let's go to QRcode generator website. Depends on your need and fill in the information required in the DATA section and click create. Congrats you have your QRcode done.

Besides, you can also apply our API link which you can just parse the data in URL format just like below:

As you can see, you can append what ever type of data you need in the URL after the data=, the QRcode will be produced.

Please stay with us, we will show you how awesome can QRcode be with power redirection of DATA from one place to another.
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OCR ~ Optical Character Recognition & API Introduction

IoT ? IR 4.0 ? Let's get started with LoRaWAN

Internet of Things (IoT) are being famous across the century and in Malaysia, we are begin the transformations initiate by the Malaysia government, moving in Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0).

What would expected to change is the style of living, working and communicating with families, friends and businesses. Rebuild of business models and employment trends are happening now!

The potential of IoT had gone beyond just simplifying but working with AI, it could use the gathered or pool data for analysis and perform ML to produce something more than we expected in future.

LoRaWAN is which mean for Long Range and it specifically designed with low power working as a MAC protocol for Wide Area Network wirelessly. A deployment of LoRaWAN will allow 'things' to be connected over the internet nationwide. It can facilitate bi-directional communications through electromagnetic waves, secured with end-to-end mechanism, install either portable or permanent to be use freely for decades.

E-Wallet safe?

There are many E- wallet applications that are well known in Malaysia. Like Wechat, AliPay, Razer Pay, GrabPay, touch n Go and more. Soon Malaysia will be a cashless country,  we have to know ways to be more precaution before start using it. Application itself is secured but the one not secured is you. You are the only firewall that is easy to be bypass by the bad guy. This is because there are many baits outsite the world where people are not realizing it.

People always fall into the trap whenever they see huge amount of durian dropping form the sky. But they couldn't remember that durian only drop from the tree. There are many traps in WeChat that happened in China, belows are what they normally do before & after u scan the QR code.


  • Attract user attention with angpao that give benefits.
  • Replacing legitimate merchants’ codes with malevolent copies, fraudsters can gain access to consumers’ data and even raid their bank account.


  • Requiring user to input personal information. (ID number and bank information.)
  • Requiring user to login to your account. (Which actually getting your id and password)
  • Requiring user to enter pin number to receive benefits. (Only Sender required to enter pin number.)
  • Sharing for giveaway or benefits. (User won't lost any but please put it in mind that if someone falled into this trap, it is because of you that shared it.)


  • Keep in mind that Wechat angpao is with a limit of USD$30
  • Do not enter any password / pin
  • Do check into the internet before scanning any QR code having giveaway rewards.
  • Please do take it in mind that before scanning the QR code. Do double check whether there is another piece sticked on top of it. 
  • Do not share any fake benefits, post it in group to rise the awareness instead.
  • Make sure that it redirect you to the correct place.
  • Use Secure QR-Code scanner Kaspersky Qr Scanner

What will happened if scanned a fake QR-Code

These malevolent QR-Codes lead users to malicious websites where users are required to key in personal information. This information is then used to send phishing emails filled with malwares. In the worst case smartphone with viruses transmitted to steal money from the victim's mobile wallet, or ransomware where data is encrypted for a ransom.

E-Wallet safe?
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OCR API Setup & Deploy with PHP

OCR.Space is a free OCR API which allow parsing images and PDF documents to extract the text in JSON format. Since, it's an API, it could be apply the OCR functions by using GET and POST parameter with any languages in development.

Let's get started by signup an FREE tier OCR.Space API key, this acts as a token for service authentication and initialisation, if no access key is attached in a GET or POST parameter, the return results are usually NULL. Kindly, fill in the signup form at here. Once the request is successful, the API key will be sent to your email inbox.

To use the OCR API, the endpoint for POST had been provided as below and support HTTPS and HTTP protocols. To apply the very basic image parsing via URL and reveal the OCR results, the image below is attached in this demonstration.


Simply append the parameter of "apikey" and "url" at the end of the API address:
The result of OCR parsed will be as below:
As you can see, the parsing will results a JSON output and from what we can observed, we could extract or export the value we required where param at "ParsedText".

To decode the JSON or extract the value out of this structure, we will suggest a PHP scripting as below:

$gateway = '';
$key = 'helloworld'; //input your API KEY, this is test key
$img = '';

$url = $gateway."?"."apikey=".$key."&url=".$img; //establish the url
$data = file_get_contents($url); // fetch content to variable array
$txt = json_decode($data, true); // decode the JSON feed

echo "<h2> LOADED IMAGE </h2>"; //show fetch image

echo "<img border=\"0\" data-original-height=\"739\" data-original-width=\"962\" height=\"306\" width=\"400\" src=\"".$img."\"/>";
echo "<h2> OUTPUT </h2>"; //display image text
echo $txt["ParsedResults"][0]["ParsedText"]; //output the ocr text

Simply deploy the codes and edit the highlighted source with any web server, I'm using APACHE and save it to FILENAME.php 

The result will show as below:

The above demonstration is by default OCR options which the interpretation is in ENGLISH OCR. If you wish to perform an OCR applied with different language, simply modify the parameter of API parsing as below:

Simply append the parameter of "apikey" + "url" "language" at the end of the API address:
Let's try with a image with Chinese characters.


Edit the PHP coding and append with the parameter.
$gateway = '';
$key = 'helloworld'; //input your API KEY, this is test key
$lang = 'chs';

$url = $gateway."?"."apikey=".$key."&url=".$img."&language=".$lang; //establish the url


The results are perfect!

Note that the OCR language parameter's parsing option as below, simply change the $lang parameter with any of the below validated with the text appeared in the parsed image.

Croatian = hrv
Czech = cze
Danish = dan
Dutch = dut
English = eng
Finnish = fin
French = fre
German = ger
Greek = gre
Hungarian = hun
Korean = kor
Italian = ita
Japanese = jpn
Norwegian = nor
Polish = pol
Portuguese = por
Russian = rus
Slovenian = slv
Spanish = spa
Swedish = swe
Turkish = tur

The application of OCR is widely applied in automated processing invalided images to text or to obtain valid values from pictures. The OCR is working in AI, integrated environment or to be a part of a processing node in a system to perform text extraction from provided inputs. Happy Explore & Have a nice day, do leave us any comments and we will reply you shortly.

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OCR API Setup & Deploy with PHP

Music Embedded with YouTube

Get embeded URL from YouTube

Click into Share button and choose Embed. From there customize your configuration and copy the URL.

Modify the direct URL

Paste it into ur javascript gadget. Then start modify the code. at the end of the url u can add several parameter. The parameter can be found in iframe player parameter. Add to

Happy Independence Day @ 61st Merdeka MALAYSIA

Good day, this is NIT for all. We would like to wish our beloved Malaysian visitor Happy 61th Merdeka.

Hari Merdeka defined as Independence Day in Malaysia. It refers to the day when Federation of Malaya's independence from the British Empire was officially declared. At exactly 9:30am on 31th August 1957. The declaration was read by the first Chief Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman at the Merdeka Stadium in the presence of thousands of people including Malay Rulers, members of the federal government, and foreign dignitaries.

Embed MP3 Hosted on Google Drive

Music embed everywhere around the websites, portfolio, blog and etc.. But to securely playing or looping a music from a official publisher, it had to through embed which makes you share and play the media legally under a public site or private site.

Step 1 - Upload MP3 files to a folder in Google Drive

Create a folder in your Google Drive and upload mp3 file.

Step 2 - Share the MP3 and get the direct URL

Make sure that it is open to public so that everyone can open and view it.

Step 3 - Modify the direct URL

The Direct URL will look something like this XXXXXXXXXX is the ID of your MP3 file. Then you can obtain a direct link to this audio by changing it to

<audio> <source src="> </source> </audio>

Step 5 - Finalize

There are attributes that can make your life easier.
1. autoplay

<audio autoplay>... </audio>
2. controls
<audio controls>... </audio>
3. loop
<audio loop> ... </audio>
You can combine it to make it like this
<audio autoplay controls loop>... </audio>
Alternative using YouTube.

p/s It is not suitable for large amount of viewer.

google drive will give notice like below

OCR ~ Optical Character Recognition & API Introduction

Optical Character Recognition @ Optical Character Reader which abbreviate as OCR is a technology that applying in printed or written text delivered in an image format to be converted or extract the contained text.

What is OCR

The application of OCR is not limited for only character recognition, it can be a middle man whom process the input and trigger next action from the results after the virtual decision making. It is useful when you are an educator or student and frequently obtain information from books that need to be extract and compile into assignments. OCR also provide business solutions in banking for example reading of the cheque, PDF parsing, LaTex parsing and etc.


API had been widely applied in the modern development trends. The API allows heavy processing at server-side and return results or data with authenticated inputs from user side. API makes development easier by integrating all building blocks from one end to the other end. API usually is a gateway which allow information to be parse and output data in JSON, XML, CSV, plain text and etc. formats.


The integration of the existing OCR functions with API is to provide an easy way of parsing images and PDF documents to proceed text extractions returned in a JSON format via any nodes over the internet. OCR.Space provide the realtime API for developer for different usage based on different tier, the limitations are input file size, monthly requests, rate limits, page limits and etc. The API provider usually offer a light version of processing for developers for free. Alternatively, if want to integrate the whole functions fully, it charges for maintenance fees and usage tiers.

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OCR ~ Optical Character Recognition & API Introduction