E-Wallet safe?

There are many E- wallet applications that are well known in Malaysia. Like Wechat, AliPay, Razer Pay, GrabPay, touch n Go and more. Soon Malaysia will be a cashless country,  we have to know ways to be more precaution before start using it. Application itself is secured but the one not secured is you. You are the only firewall that is easy to be bypass by the bad guy. This is because there are many baits outsite the world where people are not realizing it.

People always fall into the trap whenever they see huge amount of durian dropping form the sky. But they couldn't remember that durian only drop from the tree. There are many traps in WeChat that happened in China, belows are what they normally do before & after u scan the QR code.


  • Attract user attention with angpao that give benefits.
  • Replacing legitimate merchants’ codes with malevolent copies, fraudsters can gain access to consumers’ data and even raid their bank account.


  • Requiring user to input personal information. (ID number and bank information.)
  • Requiring user to login to your account. (Which actually getting your id and password)
  • Requiring user to enter pin number to receive benefits. (Only Sender required to enter pin number.)
  • Sharing for giveaway or benefits. (User won't lost any but please put it in mind that if someone falled into this trap, it is because of you that shared it.)


  • Keep in mind that Wechat angpao is with a limit of USD$30
  • Do not enter any password / pin
  • Do check into the internet before scanning any QR code having giveaway rewards.
  • Please do take it in mind that before scanning the QR code. Do double check whether there is another piece sticked on top of it. 
  • Do not share any fake benefits, post it in group to rise the awareness instead.
  • Make sure that it redirect you to the correct place.
  • Use Secure QR-Code scanner Kaspersky Qr Scanner

What will happened if scanned a fake QR-Code

These malevolent QR-Codes lead users to malicious websites where users are required to key in personal information. This information is then used to send phishing emails filled with malwares. In the worst case smartphone with viruses transmitted to steal money from the victim's mobile wallet, or ransomware where data is encrypted for a ransom.

E-Wallet safe?
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